Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carnage and Glory

Keith Rocco and Tom Garnett co-hosted a game from a fragment of the battle of Marengo. I am suspicious that Chris will post a photo collage on his website. I will just post a small fragment. I was both overall commander and given the static defense of the two build up areas, what follows is my after action report as seen thru the eyes of my assigned engaged units

We retired after the actions of June 13th for a much earned rest. Our days of marching and sharp fighting with the Austrians seemed to have them on the run.
My demi-brigade, the 101em, had been posted in the villas along the La Bromide river. The 1st Battalion deployed in Storiglionna, and the 2nd Battalion was posted on the road from Morengo at Pedrabona. The 44em demi-brigade was posted in line of battle between these 2 areas.

On the 14th, the morning routine was interupted by our vendettes returning with reports of the whole Austrian army marching down the Marengo road. Soon thereafter the Austrians arrived led by a battery of light guns. They deployed these guns and 3 battalions of infantry soon after set up a significant skirmish line around Pedrabona. We survived a 1 hour bombardment and constant musket fire. I requested relief repeatedly during the bombardment, but none would be forthcoming. We could see the Austrians were able to push down the road and turn the 44me northern flank. This succeeded in opening the road east to Marengo. As I saw the 44me retire, retreating and wheeling to the south,I felt it prudent to withdraw as well.
Around 930am, the 2nd battalion/101me, retreated in good order from the building after losing 50 men and repulsing the initial attacks against the walls. The Austrians were significantly delayed by these actions of my command as they tried to set up their attacks. During our retreated we were harassed constantly by Austrian cavalry and we took significant casualties as we marched through the vineyards to the northeast. Ultimately the cavalry veered away and we could finish our retreat to Barbolia.