Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scenario for 1809 French vs. Austrians

"The Bridge at Reisensburg"
Northeast of Gunzburg
October 9th, 1805

Scenario would appear to start at 730 p.m. 2 hours of game time before night stops the fighting. This seems to make little sense as October nights typically are "dark enough" to stop the fighting at about 7:30. Needless to say the actual game duration is 2 hours

French Order of Battle
GdB Mathieu deLabassee
Col. Lacuee

59th Ligne 1st Battalion (647 men)
2nd Battalion (647 men) see below

The typical composition of these battalions was altered after the divisional general removed the Grenadiers company, which were then made apart of an ad hoc command that had been sent Southwest of Gunzburg. Consider playing the 59th Ligne Regiment without grenadiers represented on the table.
The troops were Veteran and the officers are above average.

Guns available: 2 guns of 4lbs
4 guns of 8lbs
1 gun of 12 lb
1 gun of 6inch howitzer

Four guns are helping the Ganzburg assault elsewhere. Leaving 4 guns to support the crossing at Gunzburg. As my sources do not help identify the composition of each battery, I would play with 2 x 4lbs and 2 x 8lbs as the battery supporting this assault.
I would make the guns either average or veteran

Austrian Order of Battle
FML Gyulai
IR 20 Kaunitz-Reitberg 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalions (ave strength 800)
Chevaulegers-Regiment Rosenberg #6 was represented with 2 squadrons (150)
Ulanen-Regiment Schwarzenberg #2 was represented with 2 squadrons (150)

The infantry's elan and motivation has been questioned. I suppose below average/militia grade might be appropriate. The leader was also below average rating.
Austrian cavalry attacks were vigorous but ineffective; I would make them average to above average troop rating. They would certainly be considered light cavalry.

The battlefield is immediately adjacent to the Danube river. The best representation of the battlefield would be to have the French ("top") edge a "cannons width" of dry land. (Allowing the supporting French guns to be deployed.) The Danube river would then be represented by a river roughly 150 yards wide with a bridge through the center of the river. A main road leaves the bridge and heads straight overland to the opposite edge with a slight diagonal. I believe the whole of the table will be 1000 yards in each direction. On the Austrian right is a smooth contoured hill. No significant woods exist. The Danube is not fordable but is crossable at the bridge. Off the Austrian edge ("bottom") is the town of Gunzburg.
Point A is the road leading toward Gunzburg and is the ultimate objective of the French.
Point B is where the Austrian Cavalry will arrive 1 hour into the battle.

Historically, the Austrians had literally just repaired the bridge so that Mack could extricate himself from Ulm, when the 59th Ligne arrived on the north bank. Seeing their tactical advantage, the French infantry charged across the bridge promptly. This charge was carried across the bridge and into the Austrian battalions which were placed in battalion lines, one stacked after the other. As the first line broke, the rest were interpenetrated by the fleeing front lines, and soon the whole group fled. The Austrian cavalry then tried to charge the French units, but were held off by the French squares. The French were quick to send reinforcements and were able to hold the bridgehead.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ebay frustrations

Just an obvious word of warning. I just purchased an item from Ebay, and had the figures sent off to the contracted painter directly. Weeks later, the painter examined the supposed "dragoons" and found them to be cuirassiers and carabineirs. I really wish that people would take the time to either take good pictures or actually know what they are selling. I know that everyone makes mistakes, I just hate wasting time now deciding if I want to pay to have "unwanted" figures painted into troops I may never use. Its quite a big expense to pursue this endeavor. I hate the idea that I am paying FURTHER for these figures.
Obviously, this is just good sense to look carefully at the picture when you buy off of ebay. Be rewarned since I am sure you have been warned before.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final turns before calling it quits

On Turn 5 Kellerman had moved his cavalry regiments to the south side of the battlefield, towards the more open areas and to oppose the larger Russian Hussar Regiments. His horse artillery began firing at the formed Hussars comprising the Russian left flank, but no significant result was achieved. About the same time, Soult's lead division set up to assault the jagers behind the wall. An effective artillery bombardment began and a quite destructive charge would end up taking the position as the Russians could not get enough artillery in place to support the defense of the salient stonewall.

The Russians continued to deploy along the road leading south out of the village. One of the Hussars looked to swing around further south to flank the French advance.

Then the game took an ugly turn. The French artillery scored a 12 on a die roll which not only scored a catastrophic amount of casualties on the Jagers, but also killed the officer commanding the Brigade. The French Battalions crashed into the reeling Russians and routed the command, taking another Jager Battalion with it. Suddenly there was no Russian center. Yes, Russian Batteries were attempting to deploy to each side of the gap, but a quite detailed and well orchastrated French cavalry charge simultaneously struck the deploying Russian Battery that was located to the south. The ultimate effect was the Battery was overrun and the supporting Russian cavalry turned tail, effectively destroying the Russian Left. The game was called at that time. Ultimately a bunch of maneuvaring for what seemed to be only 6 to 8 die rolls that took over the game.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A couple hours of fighting......

The beginning of the game finds the French command with Kellerman's 2 light cavalry regiments and horse artillery battery section arrive in front of the Russian lines. Russian requests for 2 batteries have hastened the arrival of Bagration's artillery arm. A southern column has arrived with the cavalry and artillery of Bagration's remaining troops. These look to occupy the road leading to the south of the village. So far the Jager battalion is happy to stay behind the wall. The French are not acting too concerned yet. More troops are expected apparently.

At the end of turn 4, its obvious that the French will look to punch thru the Russian line as far from the village as they can get. The Russians have the numbers advantage, so perhaps the French attack will be delayed until more manpower arrives. No firing has occured yet, just French cavalry scouting in front of the Russian lines and active Russian troop deployment and extension of their line south of the village towards the church. 3 French regiments of Soult's Division as well as 2 batteries have entered. A French feint seems to be brewing just outside of the village towards the west.

From the Russian perspective, the line should be nice and strong, with combined arms and nice terrain features. Perhaps a bit more depth could be acheived, but more troops are expected.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Republic to Empire

This picture comes from the League of Augsburg's website, link provided:

The bit of information posted about the game seems to be right in line with how I like to play. I will look to pick this up ASAP.

The basing on these guys are awesome. I love the "mini-diorama" look. Don't get me wrong, the painting is fabulous. No doubt these are great games to look at and hopefully play. The League of Augsburg site is very entertaining. Drop by!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is the initial deployment of troops for the game. The Russians are delaying the pursuing French Division. The French will come to grips with the Russians quickly.

More to come after the fight.