Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ebay frustrations

Just an obvious word of warning. I just purchased an item from Ebay, and had the figures sent off to the contracted painter directly. Weeks later, the painter examined the supposed "dragoons" and found them to be cuirassiers and carabineirs. I really wish that people would take the time to either take good pictures or actually know what they are selling. I know that everyone makes mistakes, I just hate wasting time now deciding if I want to pay to have "unwanted" figures painted into troops I may never use. Its quite a big expense to pursue this endeavor. I hate the idea that I am paying FURTHER for these figures.
Obviously, this is just good sense to look carefully at the picture when you buy off of ebay. Be rewarned since I am sure you have been warned before.

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  1. Alas, while most of my eBay experiences have been ok, there have been times when I've been left sorely disappointed :(

    If I were you I would resell the miniatures and chalk it off to experience.

    Good luck, Sigmar.
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