Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final turns before calling it quits

On Turn 5 Kellerman had moved his cavalry regiments to the south side of the battlefield, towards the more open areas and to oppose the larger Russian Hussar Regiments. His horse artillery began firing at the formed Hussars comprising the Russian left flank, but no significant result was achieved. About the same time, Soult's lead division set up to assault the jagers behind the wall. An effective artillery bombardment began and a quite destructive charge would end up taking the position as the Russians could not get enough artillery in place to support the defense of the salient stonewall.

The Russians continued to deploy along the road leading south out of the village. One of the Hussars looked to swing around further south to flank the French advance.

Then the game took an ugly turn. The French artillery scored a 12 on a die roll which not only scored a catastrophic amount of casualties on the Jagers, but also killed the officer commanding the Brigade. The French Battalions crashed into the reeling Russians and routed the command, taking another Jager Battalion with it. Suddenly there was no Russian center. Yes, Russian Batteries were attempting to deploy to each side of the gap, but a quite detailed and well orchastrated French cavalry charge simultaneously struck the deploying Russian Battery that was located to the south. The ultimate effect was the Battery was overrun and the supporting Russian cavalry turned tail, effectively destroying the Russian Left. The game was called at that time. Ultimately a bunch of maneuvaring for what seemed to be only 6 to 8 die rolls that took over the game.

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