Saturday, November 7, 2009

2nd 1809 Scenario for French vs Austrian

Gebenbach April 11, 1809

The Austrians were trying to find Davout's location north of the Danube and had pushed back the French cavalry from Hirschau earlier in the day. This "what if" suggests that the Austrians have continued down the road in pursuit of the retreating French cavalry.

French Order of Battle

1st Chassuers
33e Ligne 1st Battalion
111e Ligne 1st Battalion
2 x 4lb guns

Austrian Order of Battle

Advanced Guard of the II Corps

Oberst Steffanini- commander of 7th Jager
7th Jager Battalion (800 men)
Mervelt Uhlans 2 squadrons (260 men)

Commetary and Map to follow.....

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