Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game preparation

I have signed myself up to host a miniatures game for a batch of boardgamers. I have no doubt they have miniatures experience, I just believe they have less exposed then other crowds. Since I have yet to re-read RTE since my last post, I will be going back to using GdB. I figure to let each of the 4 to 6 people have a regiment or so of Austrian or French. I am expecting to have a blast.
I expect to try to model a game similiar in tactical situation to Haslach-Jungingen during the 1805 campaign. I'll look to give the French commands to the more mature and previously experienced commanders, let the Austrians have the rookies. I have the OOB posted below.

Haslach-Jungingen October 11, 1805 : Orders of Battle

Austrian Forces
FML Baron Karl Leiberich Mack

FML Archduke Ferdinand de Este
3rd Kuirassier Regt* (480)
6th Kuirassier Regt (480)
4th Chevaulegers Regt* (480)
6th Chevaulegers Regt (480)
Horse Artillery Btty (6x 6pdr)

Left Column
FML Prinz Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg
IR #8 : 3 bns (1800)
IR#11 : 2 bns (1800)
IR#20*: 3 bns (1440) Green
IR#54 : 2 bns (1200)
IR#54 : Grenadier bn (600)

FML Count von Reisch
IR#15 : 3 bns (1800) +battalion 6lb guns
IR#17 : 3 bns (1800) +battalion 6lb guns

FML Baron Franz Werneck
IR#18 : 3 bns (1800) +battalion 6lb guns
IR#36 : 3 bns (1800) +battalion 6lb guns

Right column Reserve
IR#12 : 4 bns (2400)
IR#12 : Grendadier bn (600)
IR#24 : 4 bns (2400)
IR#24 : Grendadier bn (600)
IR#42 : 3 bns (1800)
IR#42 : Grendadier bn (600)

*Denotes forces that recently took heavy casualties.

French Forces

1st Infantry Division: Général de Division Pierre Dupont de l'Etang

1st Brigade: Général de Brigade Marchand
9th Légère Regt : 2 bns (1200)
32nd Ligne Regt : 2 bns (1320)

2nd Brigade: Général de Brigade Rouyer
96th Ligne Regt : 2 bns (1440)

Divisional Artillery: 2x 12pdr guns, 2x 8pdr guns, 2x 4pdr guns, and 2x 7" Howitzers

(Attached) Général de Brigade Sahuc
15th Chasseurs a cheval Regt (480)
17th Chasseurs a cheval Regt (480)
this brigade is dragoons, but I dont think I can represent dragoons with my current figures

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