Monday, December 12, 2011

A lost game.....

I found these pictures in my computer recently. They are from a game that ended before a conclusion could be created. I only post them as eye candy. In large part because the terrain makes the figures look better then I am used to seeing them.

This is the head of the Austrian column marching toward the row of hills

This is the bulk of the Austrian column. I love the large Austrian commands. They look as intimidating as hell. Quantity has its own beauty. Notice the battalion guns.

These were 2 of the small contingent of French that was supposed to stop this Austrian onslaught. I always seem to give walls too much credit as the French battalion behind this wall was eventually pushed back from this defensive strong point. The officer apparently was of little use in exhorting his command to remain in place.

These 3 pictures below are from the French center and right wing. Below is what the French see attaking them. The 5 battalions of Austrians facing the house made absolutely no headway.

What the Austrians see of the French Right Flank, hiding in buildings and behind a fence.

Above is the French cavalry in the center of the line. They didn't scare the Austrians much.

Now to get flags for my Austrians


  1. You're right; there's some lovely eye-candy there! The terrain is pretty good, too. It brings all the figures together really well!

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