Monday, August 31, 2009

Mini-Campaigning or "Starting the day before the battle"

This is what I really like to do. Please, let me start the game the "hour/day/week" before the real battle. Give me a hex grid, the troops available, and let me push them toward the enemy. I love the uncertainty this creates. Certainly it is fun to start a battle with all troops placed out, but I believe it is more of a blast when player controlled reinforcements, flank marches, cut supply/communications all effect the table top. A high point of my wargaming career was when my lancers broke thru a French cavalry screen a day before a battle, and arrived behind the enemies line of battle just as we engaged. The pandamonium that ensued was just priceless.
On the flip side, I enjoy the Game-master part of these campaigns. I am looking forward to trying to get this revived again in my growing circle of gaming buddies. Certainly email would let me run games for nearly anybody.
Paul E. has created a yahoo group that is generating a bit of collected knowledge, but seems to be evolving to a strategic campaign discussion board. It is helpful, but the discussion has gone in directions that I don't follow as much. Others love it- stop by, I am sure you will learn more than you expect.
In the meantime, I will be collecting K. Zucker games and any other stray maps I can. These should give me lots of inspiration

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