Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I want to sing the praises of the people who paint for me. None of which I have contacted for permission to advertise, but once photography begins, I will certainly give credit where credit is due. Barry Lee's British created my big leap. Very pretty figures, but I have never pursued full basing on the whole command. Some of them got into one game and aquitted themselves well. He in turn connected me with Wayne John of England. My is Wayne a pretty painter. His Russians are spot on gorgeous. At the time that I was enjoying the heck out my my pretty English Red lines, I was also attending Historicon. I picked up way too many Austrian and French figs from Sash and Saber and took my uncle's advice (Jay Ashby) and got those stalwarts painted by (mister rapid brush) Leonard Albright from Kentucky. He and friends/family keep a regular booth in the Dealer area. Leonard's style is not a "match" to the blokes from England, but carry's its own gorgeous aesthetic. These guys look down right tough and dirty with their dynamic paint jobs. I think the 2 styles become very complementary. Then along comes Stuart Foley, an active painter whose parade ground French I dearly like. He does a fine crisp paint job that is distinctive in its clean lines. I find his troops bridge the gap between Wayne's and Leonards. He has done a bit of my Austrian jagers and grenz. Stuart also does a great job of painting 36 figure french battalions that he sells on Ebay with startling frequency. He is a great guy to use for consistancy and flash. Great style anf very pretty figs from that man.

I agree with a post elsewhere. The shear volume of lead has its own beauty, but ultimately everyone picks up the figs and drools over them from a foot or 2 away. Each style has a best viewing distance and I try to shepard people to look at the figs best for that distance. I still have a significant pile of lead to acquire so I can complete my goals. These guys will still be getting my work. When I am done, then you can have them. I don't like to wait anymore than the next guy. So who wants to give up my secrets yet.

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