Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog direction

One of the frustrations I have is the "exploitation" of historical battles within scenario books. Someone may be making a pretty penny. I am, on the other hand, not really looking for wargaming to make me my "dime". I have another job with which to do that.
As a result, I think I will look to start making historical scenarios exist for free. I will try to accumulate the raw information and make other information known that will make these scenarios accurate. Then hopefully the information I provide can be used to allow the gamer apply it to his particular system. I really enjoy the "game creation" part of wargaming, much more then say the painting part. To this end, I think I will try to set up linked blogsites. Each of these sites will be dedicated to each battle. I will still try to use this as the master coordination site. This may take alot time, but I will get there.

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