Thursday, September 24, 2009

The dilemma

Ioannis Mavromichalis has made me aware that he is available to paint some figures for me. I have now a bit of an internal struggle to address. I am prejudiced to believe that no one with the name starting with "Ioa..." can paint!

No really! I am a bit worried his work will be just that 10% better/different than the bulk of what I currently have. I would direct you to his Calpe Saxons at , which are just cut from a different cloth from half my army. So the dilemma you have some figs, specifically in my case the Legere battalions just be painted "that darn good", or do you respectfully decline stating....something stupid....I don't know....but I can mutter something, and preserve the integrity of your Grade A-, Grade A armies.

I just worry the style would be that much different. I just can't make a quick decision on that one.

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