Monday, September 21, 2009

New game- I try to keep it interesting for everyone.

I am looking to host a game October 3rd. Most people will be comfortable playing General de Brigade, so we will probably go with those rules.

I am hopefully going to convince 6+ people to play. With that in mind, I am considering a side battle to see if one commander can hold up the enemy flanking maneuver. This will give some importance to that side piece that may not otherwise be there.

Let me explain. I will set up two game tables, one 6 by 12, the other 6 by 8.
The main 12 by 6 table will be set up so that the fighting will be geared toward the center of the table. I will then have roads that exit off the short edges off each side. The attacker will get a chance to pick a side in which the flanking attack attempts to enter, the defender will state how he defends "his flanks". These flanking elements for both sides will then be set aside, taken out of the order of battle per se.
The defender will set up his troops with blinds. The attacker will then set up some of his command near his side. The defending commands will then be taken to the second board, as well the attackers flanking column.

So using a second 6 by 8 board, the attackers "flanking column" of troops will try to exist the board at the middle, and have the defender/enemy race them (or not)to that point, engage them and try to keep the reinforcements from joining the main battle. These troops will have their own commanders separate from the main battle. This will be a curve ball we have not played before, and give all involved a bit of a headache, as they try to decipher what is going on.

I suspect the key to a good scenario is to make the main boards flanks vulnerable to attack. I believe I will have to make the French the attackers, and have the enemy (probably the Russians) defenses set up within 6 inches (or a foot?) of the middle of the board. This will make them vulnerable to arrival by a flanking element.

Now if I can just get enough people to show up! I will look to give a battle report and pictures of the game if my camera is up to it.

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