Thursday, March 3, 2011


Some stinking realty problems forced my recent hiatus. Nearly a year later, I have gotten back into a small roll on the gaming front. I have a nice little agenda I have tried to create and successfully implement.

First, a local gaming store has relocated and it has provided a small impetus for me to get playing again, especially since they have a bit more tables, which will allow me to set up some real battles and recruit new interest. It also seems a local group who regularly meet on a typical work night for me has claimed many saturdays at this game store and will relocate some of their gaming up to my back yard. Yea! more people rolling dice!

Secondly, I have had lots of fruitful contact with the RTE crew (Clarence and Barry) and I hope to be providing a good chunk of my forces to help their gaming weekend. This will hopefully get me to complete some of my basing projects and flesh out my OOB. I have a large but quite amorphous collection that really needs a unifying OOB for each army to give me a natural boundry at which I can (gasp) stop collecting.

Thirdly, I had a great talk with a VERY NICE guy whom I drove down to the Williamsburg muster to meet, Rick O'Brien. He gave me an exhaustive amount of time on how to install the flags and had quick and apparently appropriate answers to my many either sophomoric and/or insightful questions. If it indeed proves that he moves up here to Virginia, then I expect I will enjoy inviting him up to play a fair bit of games. Creating a uniform look with my flags was/will be important to me moving forward with my collection. I will try to catch up with him again at Cold Wars. I suspect that if you many of you are aware he runs, and offers a very helpful and important, quality authentic looking flag with pole for your miniature units.

Fourthly, I have had some fruitful discussions with 2 painters, both of which should be sending me more painted lead over the next few days. Nothing gets a game going quicker then reinforcements who need to be christened in battle. I really look forward to 6 new battalions of French legere, and a host of Russian cavalry. I expect now to have enough Russians to create way too many divisions.

Lastly, I got an invite to play up at Keith Rocco's place to play some 15mm napoleonics later this spring. I will try to catch up with a AAR after the event. Before then, I will try to get a game of either RTE or CGII accomplished.

I will look to post some more scenarios, now that I have time to contribute that as well.

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