Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carnage and Glory game at Keith's

The above picture is the start of a game from Keith's 15mm C&GII event the last weekend in March. It featured troops from the OOB of Sicile, and had the French attacking the prepared Austrian positions stationed below the town.

The battle ended in a minor Austrian victory.

The French attacked in force along the entire Austrian line below the town. The first line of the Austrian line was pushed back, but the Austrian second line was not particularly challenged. It was an easy game to play and a fair bit of fighting did occur. Ultimately, the game ended due to real life time expiring. I was the unfortunate owner of the Draggons, poised to make the big central charge, that was probably 2 turns away.

I like the C&G system for a few reasons; at the end of the afternoon I haven't fried my brain doing math equations, the fog of war the system creates, and the implemenation of fatigue as a trackable variable on the battle field. I would however beg for a better system of using the system for large battles. Waiting for sequential event entry really can slow things down.

However, in the end, I had a great time as Keith R can beally host a party.

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