Sunday, November 6, 2011


I volunteered my army to the guys who run the C&GII games at Historicon for their refight of Borodino. In preparation, I have decided to set up a Saltanovka game for the local guys. As such, I have been researching what I can on Saltanovka from a variety of sources. Special thanks to Chris Maine, Jack Hixon, Paul Edgar, John Snead and all responders to my requests for help on a variety of web sites.
I had made some comments on other sites about the conflicting information that was out there. It remains a bit frustrating that talented writers can't agree on "facts". I can understand that opinions, or interpretation of facts, may be in complete disagreement, but to have units stated to be present and or engaged that didn't exist in that chain of command just seems silly.
I am also still looking for an answer as to why contemporary artists draw the map at a 60 degree angle from the Dneiper River, yet recent Google maps show it to be much closer to perpendicular. Included will be some of the maps and a useful OOB. After the game, I will go ahead and provide an after action report.

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